EE 692 - Computational Electromagnetics

Spring 2004

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EE 692 Course Syllabus 

Lecture Notes

 Lecture #
 1 Review of Maxwell's equations and boundary conditions.
 2 Source/field relationships.
 2a Infinite current sheet example.
3 Green's functions.
4 EPIE and the quasi-static integral equation for a conducting plate.
5 Linear spaces.
6 Method of moments.
7 Moment method solution to the static plate example.
8 Implementation of the MM into a computer code.
9 Numerical solution of a set of linear algebraic equations–Gaussian elimination.
xx MM solution for a microstrip using pulse expansion-point match.
18 MM solution of Pocklington's equation using pulse expansion/point matching.
19 MM solution of thin wire problem using Harrington's method.


Mathematica Notebooks

Homework Problems and Solutions

Computer Projects

Additional Course Materials 

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