EE 692 - Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics

Fall 2011

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EE 692 Course Syllabus

Lecture Notes 

Lecture # Title
0 Cover page.
1 Maxwell's equations, constitutive relations, and boundary conditions.
2 Power and energy. Time-harmonic electromagnetic fields.
3 Wave equation and solutions in the Cartesian coordinate system.
4 Transverse electromagnetic waves. Complex Poynting vector.
5 Plane waves in lossless media at oblique angles.
6 Transverse electromagnetic waves in lossy media.
7 Polarization of TEM waves.
8 Uniform plane waves normally incident on a lossless half space.
9 E polarized UPW obliquely incident on a lossless half space.
10 H polarized UPW obliquely incident on a lossless half space. Duality.
11 Brewster angle of incidence.
12 Critical angle of incidence.
13 Lossy media. UPW normally incident on a dielectric-conductor interface. Skin depth.
14 UPW scattering by a single slab layer.
15 UPW scattering by multiple slab layers.
16 Low reflection, multi-layer slab design.
17 Some applications of multi-slab UPW theory.
18 Physical optics approximation.
19 Source/field relationships.
20 Green's functions and the solutions to ...
21 2-D geometries: Solution of the wave equation in cylindrical coordinates.
22 Green's functions for 2-D sources.
23 Far-field calculations and echo width for 2-D problems.
24 Physical optics results for PEC strips.
25 Rectangular metallic waveguides: TEz and TMz modes.
26 General behavior of rectangular waveguides.
27 Fields of rectangular waveguides.
28 Equivalent voltage, current, and impedance for waveguides.
29 Rectangular waveguide resonant cavities.
30 Grounded dielectric slab waveguides.
31 Solutions to characteristic equation for a grounded dielectric slab waveguide.
32 Circular metallic waveguides.
33 TEz and TMz modes in circular waveguides.


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