EE 382 Applied Electromagnetics

Spring 2017


EE 382 Course Syllabus


Lecture Notes

Lecture # Title
0 Cover page. Table of contents.
1 Magnetic circuits.
2 Faraday's law of induction. Lenz's law.
3 Faraday's law examples.
4 Faraday's law and moving circuits.
5 Displacement current and Ampre's law. (See a humorous related video.)
6 Maxwell's equations, boundary conditions.
7 Sinusoidal steady state, phasors.
8 Maxwell's equations and electrical circuits.
9 Ideal transformer.
10 Non-ideal behavior of physical circuit elements. Skin effect.
11 Transmission lines and distributed l and c.
12 Time domain solutions to TL wave equations.
13 Transmission line termination, reflections. Current waves.
14 Bounce diagrams.
15 Pulse propagation on transmission lines.
16 Transient response of TLs with reactive elements. Time domain reflectometry (TDR).
17 Sinusoidal steady state excitation of lossless transmission lines.
18 Termination of transmission lines. Load reflection coefficient.
19 Input impedance of TLs. Excitation and source conditions.
20 Generalized reflection coefficient. Crank diagram. VSWR.
21 Lossy transmission lines. Dispersionless TLs. Special cases of general TLs.
22 Smith chart.
23 TL matching. Quarter-wave transformers. Resistive pads.
24 Single-stub tuner I – Analytical solution.
25 Single-stub tuner II – Smith chart solution.
26 Uniform plane waves. Infinite current sheets.
27 Plane waves in lossy materials. Skin depth.
28 Poynting's theorem. Power flow and plane waves.
29 Uniform plane waves normally incident on a lossless half space.
30 Example of a normally incident UPW on a lossless half space.
31 Electromagnetic radiation and antennas.
32 Hertzian dipole antenna.
33 Near and far fields of the Hertzian dipole antenna. Radiation resistance.
34 Antenna radiation patterns. Directivity and gain.
35 Antenna effective aperture. The Friis equation.


Video Recorded Lectures


Special Laboratory Project

Title Assigned Due
Unit-step and pulse propagation on coaxial cable. Time domain reflectometry.

Mar. 17

Apr. 3


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